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PODCAST ONE: LifeHistoryApp provides you with a suite of secure online tools to create your personal history, autobiography, family history, or online digital diary. It's also the best journaling tool available anywhere. You get 500 megabytes of FREE SECURE STORAGE and your own personal workspace. We can also help you to create your biography book, video, or website. Everything you upload instantly appears in your own timeline of your life. Leave your legacy. We make it fast, fun, & easy! This podcast shows you how it works.

PODCAST TWO: This ten-step quick start guide will get you up and running in no time at all. We walk you through what is included in the system and how to use each of the tools provided to get started fast on your personal or family history project or simply to use the app to keep your personal or family journal.
Adding Content to

PODCAST THREE: The heart of LifeHistoryApp is adding content to your personal or family history or your journal. In this video we walk you through exactly how you can quickly and easily add photos, stories, videos, or any other kind of content to your life story. You can follow along and quickly learn how to add the first few elements of your life story.


How to Add Video from YouTube, Vimeo, or Your Smartphone to

PODCAST FOUR: You can upload your videos directly into your LifeHistoryApp personal workspace and online digital diary or you can also link to external videos, like YouTube or Vimeo videos as well. In this podcast we show you how to easily add your videos in your life story.
Podcast Five - Interview with Coz Green and Skip Weeks

PODCAST FIVE: Coz Green of the COZ GREEN AUDIO EXPERIENCE interviews Skip Weeks, the founder and creator of LifeHistoryApp to learn what it is, how it works and how it can help people write their own stories. Check out his fascinating podcast here.
Podcast Six: Scanning Your Photos

PODCAST SIX: Scanning your photos provides an additional layer of security for your memories. It also makes it much easier to share them. In this podcast we explain how to scan and organize your photos to make it easier to include them in your life story.























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