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UPLOAD all your photos, videos, stories, and audios to using the ADD CONTENT option. As you upload your items, give each item a TITLE and a TIMELINE DATE. This will automatically place your content in the proper order in the timeline of your life. Also enter your commentary or story about each item that you add to the system. You can type it in directly or cut and paste it from other documents. This will provide explanation and context to each element that you add to your life story.

There are two ways to add video to your history; (1.) Upload your MP4 videos directly into LifeHistoryApp by using the CHOOSE button or (2.) Click on the DI YOU WANT TO SPECIFY AN EXTERNAL LINK, which will enable you to provide a link to either a YouTube or Vimeo video..



Click on the CHOOSE button. This will display the file system on your computer or laptop or the PHOTOS on your smartphone. Browse to locate the video you want to upload and click OK to upload it. Note that the only type of video that is playable in the LifeHistoryApp application is .MP4. If you upload any other type of video file, it will upload into the system but your video will not appear in your timeline and you will need to download the video to view it. This includes .MOV, ASF, AVI, FLAC, FLV, MKV, OGG, MPGPEG, MPGEG-2, 3GP, PS, PVA, or WEBM. Needless to say, we recommend that you convert your videos to MP4 format before you upload them. This is a very efficient compression format and will display properly in your timelines. Handbrake is a great free video converter. Wondershare is another free converter that you can download for both Mac and Windows.

Remember to add a TITLE, DATE and COMMENTS for each video that you upload.

After you SAVE your upload you will notice the progress bar displaying how much of your video has been uploaded. After it is completed you will see a confirmation in the lower right corner of your screen.

You can verify your video by clicking on the FILE EXPLORER, then you can click on the ACTIONS button, then VIEW, or you can simply click on the FILENAME and your video entry will appear. You can also EDIT your uploaded video by clicking on the ACTIONS button for your upload, then click on EDIT.

Here's an example of an uploaded MP4 video:





You can SPECIFY AN EXTERNAL LINK, just above the CHOOSE button. This is typically used to link to an external video, such as YouTube or Vimeo. This is the subject of our next video:  HOW TO ADD VIDEO. A new field will appear where you can enter the video link:


In YouTube, this link can be found by clicking on the SHARE button below and to the right of the video:/p>



Simply COPY the link provided and PASTE it into the field provided in LifeHistoryApp:


AAfter entering the YouTube link remember to add a TITLE, DATE, and COMMENTS or NOTES for the video. Then click the SAVE button in the lower right corner of the screen.


Viewing your YouTube video in FILE EXPLORER will look like this:


Viewing the same video on YouTube looks like this:







Adding a video from VIMEO is very similar. Click on the SPECIFY EXTERNAL LINK as you would for a YouTube video. Then open Vimeo,ciom and find the video that you want to add to as shown below./p>


Click on the SHARE LINK in the uppoer right corner of the screen:



The VIDEO LINK will be shown:


COPY the link presented and PASTE it into the SPECIFY EXTERNAL LINK field provided in LifeHistoryApp. Then add your TITLE, DATE and COIMMENTS and SAVE the content for your story.



This video on Vimeo:


My Adventure - Children's Interactive Storybook for the iPad and iPhone from Skip Weeks on Vimeo.













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