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We provide you with a suite of secure online tools to create your personal history or family history. We give you 500 megabytes of FREE SECURE STORAGE and your own personal workspace. We can also help you create your biography book, video, or website. Everything you upload instantly appears in your own timeline of your life. Leave your legacy. We make it fast & easy! .

Nobody can tell your story like you can. If you don't tell your story, who will? Simply upload your photos, stories, videos and audios and it all instantly appears in your timeline. You can upload anything and add unlimited commentary, a headline, and the date where you want each item to appear and it appears there like magic! It's a perfect tool for daily journaling and documenting your life or family story!

You get 500 megabytes of FREE STORAGE in our secure cloud to upload all your photos, stories, documents, videos, audio recordings or anything else you want to include in your life history. This gives you enough room to upload over 125 full-sized iPhone photos, or a combination of various photos, videos and audio files for free. To give you a comparison, the entire King James version of the Bible only requires 6MB of storage space! You receive over 88 times that much space for your history! You can expand your storage to any amount beyond your free storage for a nominal monthly fee. You can even link to your YouTube videos, Vimeo videos or other web pages to be included in your timeline.

Creating your personal history book will be a memorable gift to your family and your descendants for generations to come. Your autobiography can contain the unique life lessons that you have learned as well as the experiences that are meaningful to you that you want to share with your family. Your personal history book will become your treasured legacy of love. We can provide you with do-it-yourself tools, which you can use to pull your life story together including our helpful personal history questionnaire, or you can take advantage of our helpful hourly services, including personal interviews by trained professional historians who can also help you with our transcription and scanning services. We can come to your home to interview you and gather photographs or we can coordinate with you through our video conferencing service. We can help you every step of the way and we can do as much or as little as you want. For us, helping you create your autobiography is a labor of love!

We live in a time when it's easy to record our life experiences in high-resolution 4K video that will last forever. Most of us have little or no idea what kind of people our great grandparents were. It doesn't need to be that way for our descendants. Through video, we can live on. Our descendants can see us and hear us. They can know us as their loving ancestors. You can supply us with raw video or we can come to your home and professionally record some of your favorite stories and life lessons that you want to pass on. We can also include segments of video or photographs from your life to create an autobiographical video that will allow your descendants to grasp the significance of your life. We will coordinate every detail of your video with you to ensure that it includes everything you want, including video interviews, other video segments that you provide, photographs, and even your favorite music. We will professionally edit your video and after you approve it we will provide it to you on a DVD and even post it privately online to make it easy for your family to access it wherever they are..

."After you complete your autobiography, we can create a personal or family website for you to provide a permanent online repository for your story. Your website can contain your entire autobiography, as well as videos, audio segments, photos and links to other resources. You can choose to subscribe to this website hosting service for any length of time that you desire, by the year, or by the decade. We can host, even after you are gone! Having your own website makes it easy to make your story available to everyone online. If you prefer, we can host your site privately, which would require a password to access it. You can include your life history, videos of yourself and your family, photographs of your life experiences, sound recordings, interviews and stories on your personal or family website."






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