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UPLOAD all your photos, videos, stories, and audios to using the ADD CONTENT option. As you upload your items, give each item a TITLE and a TIMELINE DATE. This will automatically place your content in the proper order in the timeline of your life. Also enter your commentary or story about each item that you add to the system. You can type it in directly or cut and paste it from other documents. This will provide explanation and context to each element that you add to your life story.


You can click on the CHOOSE button to display the files on your local computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. On a Mac this will present Finder. On Windows this will present Windows Explorer. On your tablet or smartphone this will typically display the PHOTOS folder, from which you can select the file that you want to upload.

Alternatively, you can use drag-and-drop from another screen to copy a file from your local device to the CHOOSE button, which will queue it to upload when you click on the SAVE button.

After you have identified the file that you want to upload, you can give it a TITLE. Think of this as a chapter or paragraph heading for this element of your story. Enter the corresponding date in the DATE field and then enter your story in the COMMENTS area, either by typing it or using cut & paste to copy your story or commentary from another document.

Clicking the SAVE button will save your content and other associated information to the LifeHistoryApp system in your personal secure workspace. You can now click on the FILE EXPLORER option to view the item that you just added. Note that the most recently added element will always appear at the top of the FILE EXPLORER. This makes it handy to quickly go back and edit recent work, if you need to do so.

To edit an item, open the FILE EXPLORER. Then click on the ACTIONS button next to the item that you wish to EDIT. Then click on EDIT and the item will open, allowing you to many and changes that you wish. Of course, click on SAVE to SAVE the changes or CANCEL to exit without saving.

Note that you can also specify ana external link, just above the CHOOSE button. This is typically used to link to an external video, such as YouTube or Vimeo. This is the subject of our next video:  HOW TO ADD VIDEO







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