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1. GATHER  Begin by gathering the photos, videos, audios and stories of your life.



2. DIGITIZE:  DIGITIZE all your content; scan your photos, convert your analog videos and audio recordings to digital files and transcribe your audio interviews and recordings..



3. NAME:  NAME all your digital content according to standardized date-oriented format, ie. YEAR-MONTH-DAY-PERSON-PLACE/ACTIVITY. By dating all your digital content as you save it on your personal computer it will automatically appear in chronological order. This will help you to easily keep track of the items that you upload in the same order so that everything appears in your TIMELINE in chronological order as well. I encourage you to move items that you upload to LifeHistoryApp to another folder after you upload them. This will leave only the files that have not been uploaded yet, so you will know what files remain to be uploaded to your story.



4. UPLOAD & LABEL:  UPLOAD all your content to As you upload your items, give each item a TITLE and a TIMELINE DATE. This will automatically place your content in the proper order in the timeline of your life. Also enter your commentary or story about each item that you add to the system. You can type it in directly or cut and paste it from other documents. This will provide explanation and context to each element that you add to your life story.


5.  ADD EXTERNAL LINKS: You can insert external links to your life story in the ADD CONTENT section of your private workspace. You can also add hyperlinks to images or words in your commentary or JOURNAL to YouTube or Vimeo videos or other related websites or web pages.


6.  RECORD: You can record your own videos or audio clips by clicking on these menu options..

7.  ADD MEMORIES: Use the MEMORIES section to remind you of times in your life that you want to comment on and include photos, videos and audio files to enrich the story of your life. You will find that there are eleven sections in our MEMORIES module for the various logical times in your life with lots of questions to remind you of what you may want go include in your autobiography


8.  REVIEW & EDIT: Review your life history content in the FILE EXPLORER and TIMELINES (both horizontal and vertical) to verify that everything is as you want it to be. You can edit anything by opening the FILE EXPLORER, then clicking on the ACTIONS button next to any entry and selecting EDIT. You can easily SEARCH for any item, using the SEARCH bar at the top of the FILE EXPLORER.. You can also VIEW any item by clicking on its FILENAME. You can SORT your list by clicking on the column heading for the order in which you want to sort.






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