When you add content to your personal history workspace by uploading a photo or a video, journaling, linking or recording either an audio recording or a video, these items instantly appear in both your vertical and horizontal timelines.


Whenever you an anything to your history you can provide a TITLE and a TIMELINE DATE. With these two bits of information, the system can place every entry in its proper place in your history and each new entry will have it's headline.


You can see examples of how these timelines look and work below. After you complete your history or biography, we can help you print out your vertical timeline and we can then create your own personal biography or history book. Click on HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL below to see a sample of each timeline. Start yours today. It's Free!


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Horizontal Timeline SAMPLE - (Start creating your history today)

The horizontal timeline allows you to scroll from left to right from the earliest point in your history to the most recent. Note that each of the titles or headlines are shown below in the navigation area. You can click on any headline to view that story. You can click on the arrow to scroll to the right. On a phone or tablet you can swipe right or left to navigate. On the left margin of the gray navigation bar at the bottom of the timeline you can click on the [+] to increase the size of each of the elements or [-] to reduce the size of each element. All the years of your timeline are shown along the bottom of the navigation bar. Note that you can include stories of any length, photos, autio recordings and videos, and even links to external websites, for example, your Facebook or Instagram pages, YouTube or Vimeo videos in your history. Start yours today. It's Free!