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What is

LifeHistoryApp is designed to help you currate all the important documents, photos, videos, and recordings in one convenient, easy-to-use workspace. From these materials you can create your own personal history book, video or website. includes the following features:

FREE 500MB workspace to upload and store your files. Signup for more if needed at a nominal cost

File Upload & Storage - Like your personal DropBox for your personal history files

Take Notes, Journal, and write Stories

Record Videos

Record Audio Files

Horizontal and Vertical Timelines display your uploaded files and stories in chronological order


Print out the Vertical Timeline as a PDF and create your own books!

Signup for optional additional assistance at nominal cost

You do as much as you want or hire us to help you complete your project

The Five Biggest Benefits of

1. Leave a legacy of love to your descendants

2. Let us help you create your personal history book

3. Let us help you create one or more videos of your life stories and experience

4. Let us help you create a website to leave your life story to your descendants, including your autobiography, videos, audio clips and photos, including a QR-Code that can be placed on your headstone to give visitors instant access to your life story when they visit your grave.

5. You are never alone. We can help you create your personal history project quickly and easily, including gathering your photos, scanning them and interviewing you and others to include in your history book, magazine, video or website.

Getting Started provides you with a free personal workspace, ready for you to begin uploading files, photos, videos and other files to include in your history. Drag and drop your files into our File Import module and see them instantly appear in your personal life history timeline in chronological order. If you need help gathering your photos or other documents and files from your life, we can help. Just give us a call or signup online and we will schedule a time to assist you any way you want.

Answer the Autobiographical Questionnaires. We provide you with 535 questions, organized for each of the eleven phase of your life to suggest things that you may wish to include in your personal story.

We can interview you and transcribe your answers for you to include in your story. Let us know how we can help.

If you would like us to create one or more videos of you talking about your important life events just contact us and we will schedule a time to meet with you and get started.


You can signup for help in five hour blocks of time, for either basic services, like clerical help, scanning, interviewing, transcription, document and photo gathering, etc. for $150.

More advanced services are also available as well, which include video, photography, page layout and design, image correction, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign or audio editing for $250 per five hour block.