After we complete your biography or autobiography, we can create a personal or family website for you to provide a permanent online repository for your story. Your website can contain your entire autobiography, as well as videos, audio segments, photos, stories, and links to other resources.

You can choose to subscribe to this website hosting service for any length of time that you desire, by the year, or by the decade. We can host it as part of, as a sub-domain or we can assist you in obtaining your own domain name.

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We can help you find a beautiful website template like this, from which to create your site or we can create it from scratch for you.

Having your own website makes it easy to make your story available to everyone online. If you prefer, we can host your site privately, which would require a password to access it.



We can even provide you with a QR Code like this one to add to your headstone to enable visitors to instantly access your website while at your grave.